Wireless crane scale
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Wireless crane scale

Wireless electronic crane scale is a good measuring instrument of weighing suspended goods. Weighing data is transmitted by means of wireless. Scale is segregated from display indicator.

Wireless crane scale quipped with wireless indicator, printing function. can be operated via indicator and remote controller

Technical parameter:
1 Accuracy class: OIML III
2 A/D conversion speed: ≥50 times/second 3 Maximum inner code: 1 million codes/ time
4 Load cell bridge power supply: DC5V
5 Display: LCD lattice Chinese display(backlight at night)
6 Data storage: store 2000 groups of weighing data
7 Power supply: Nickel and hydrogen battery group, working 40 hours if it is charged once
8 Environment and temperature: scale body -10°C-50°C; indicator 0°C-40°C
9 Receiving or launching maximum distance: 200 meters(on the open land)
10 Wireless frequency: 450MHz
11 Capacity (t) : 3t, 5t, 10t, 15t, 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t

Model: OCS-BWI
Accuracy :C3 OIML R60