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OCS-BWI Wireless crane scale

Model: OCS-BWI


Worldwide licence exempt: 2.4GHz operating frequency

Range Min: not less than100m
Battery working life: Active not less than 70 hours
(full charge and turn off bcaklight)

Display: LCD 128*64 with backlighting show weight value: 6 bit show working life of battery show strong of signal
Hold on the peak value

Can contact with computer by RS232

Details Description

Work principle

First, the load cell's output signal is digital, Digital compensation and temperature compensation will be finished in internal. Though 2.4G wireless module to launch after reasonable encoding.

OCS-BWI Wireless crane scale

Handheld receive load cell output and its internal battery power consumption values then show them on the LCD display, and handheld through the RS232 output to a computer or large-screen display. If necessary, Multi-channel working is a option, One handheld can be connected to up to 16 sensors.



(In mm. 1mm = 0.03937 inches)

1. There is a switch inside, when the unit is vertical with the antenna is upturned, the power will be on.
2. The unit power will be off when the unit is charging.

OCS-BWI Wireless crane scaleOCS-BWI Wireless crane scale

1~5t 230 160 76 34 28 7/8
10t 280 180 90 47 38 11/4
20~30t 370 230 125 55 53 13/4
40~60t 430 254 150 85 73 21/2
100~150t 580 320 220 115 98 31/2