Compression load cell
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Weighing Sensors

Benui Sensors Limited provides the ultimate in load cells and loading assemblies for tank, silo and process weighing. The innovative loading assemblies provide a simple but complete mechanical link between the weighing structure and support base, removing the need in most applications for additional tie bars or other restraints. Several of our patented designs allow rapid installation and removal of the load cell without jacks or specialist tools, even when the vessel is full, providing major savings on installation costs.


Most of scales are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes and materials, Especial wireless weighing and lifting applications such as with cranes, weighing pad.


An electronic weighing sensor (10) having a digital weight signal processing unit (19), which includes at least one filter (12) with low-pass characteristic. By means of the filter (12), the direct-current component (m) is determined from the output signal of the weighing sensor and the weighing result is derived therefrom. A signal, which is dependent on the amplitude of the vibrations, is determined by the digital signal processing unit (19) and electronic components (18) change the direct-current component (m) as a function of the magnitude of the vibration-dependent signal. This significantly improves the performance of the weighing sensor (10) with respect to shocks and vibrations in the installation site of the weight sensor


Loading assemblies form a crucial part of modern weighing systems. Use of the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software pinpoints the optimum design of assembly for correct operation and rigorous manufacturing and test procedures ensure total reliability under the harshest of conditions. Depending on the model, assemblies are available in stainless steel, autophoretic painted or galvanised finish.


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  • Wireless weighing pad
    Features:Light in weight, and convenient transportation. Integral flat plate construction, high frequency in dynamic response,and high precision. Applied special treatment, offering high protection class that are suitable for all kinds of environments. Adopted special material in aero-industry, with good anti-over loading ability. Assembled with rubber handles, avoided destroying of the handles. Easy for loading on/off of the vehicles.
  • Wireless crane scale

    Wireless electronic crane scale is a good measuring instrument of weighing suspended goods. Weighing data is transmitted by means of wireless. Scale is segregated from display indicator.

    Wireless crane scale quipped with wireless indicator, printing function. can be operated via indicator and remote controller

  • Platform scale

    Platform scales are manufactured from mild steel. Platforms are supplied complete with the GK Scale indicator in plastic housing

    platform scale is used to weigh in industry mine ,station,warehouse, shopping,market,production line easy to learn and use.

    An industrial weighing instrument consisting of a platform coupled to an automatic system of levers and adjustable weights, used to weigh large or heavy objects.

  • Crane scale
    Crane scale is a high-precision scale applicated in industries such as metallurgy, construction, warehouses and so on. We specialize in selling, renting and servicing crane scales. These heavy-duty below hook scales are typically used for accurate weight determination and are a vital part of shipping and production operations. such as low headroom systems, wireless displays and data collection. Contact us for more information.