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VA-3.0E Software for multi-indicator

Model: VA-3.0E


Operating system: Windows 2000,2003,XP
Communication: Input: RS232        Max trans-
mission distance is 40m   Output: RS232 for large displayer   Network card for share data
Expansion: Telecommuting by internet Mon itor video or photo Intelligent card Traffic light or infrared

Extraordinary function:Indicator can operate simplely by itself.

Details Description

Work Principle

There is a option for usin g digital load cells with digital indicator or using analogue load cells with analogue indicator

Most of our indicator can connect with theis software by RS232, because ther rusing same protocol

Indicator sends the real weight to PC,PC will save real weight and other inform ation except for readable available data, used for statistic, analy and query


VA-3.0E Software for multi-indicator

Printer and big sc reen displayer can be ava-ilable in this system, a nd moreover equip with s tan dard output.

On the base, you can also choose trafic light, monitor video and intelligent card. Or you can work with another scale an d share with the same data. Make multi-scales work tog ether. Of course, all above function can be available. If you build internet constructure, so clients can visit and deal with data by ne t.

1. This part is basal,the model of s oftware   corresponding is VA-3.0E .
2.This part is option al,the model of software    corresponding is VA-3.0E-V .
3.This part is option al,at the same time, It needs one or more corresponding software for clients,
4.The model of software corresponding is VD-3.0E-L . The client soft is VA-3.0E-LG.
5.This part is option al, at the same time, It needs one or more     corresponding software for clients,
6.The model of software corresponding is VD-3.0E-I . The client soft is VA-3.0E-IG.

If you want to add other functions , we can develop them according to your requirement.