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ATC108A analog load cell to PC converter

Model: ATW


Input of analog load cells:
1~3mV/V,300~2000 Ohms.Device power up
to 12 psc 350 Ohms load cells.

Output:standard RS232,
Can connect to PC direct.

Light insulation type

Non-linearity compensation And Filter treatment Exterior led show working order

Details Description


(In mm. 1 mm = 0.0 393 7 inch es)


Work Principle

This is a based weighting solution,It can be used for either analog strtic weighing.No need the indicator,and it has a low cost.Usually,it connects the juncton box between the computer. The signal of some analog load cells wil be magnified after analog adding by the junction box, which will be dealed with by MCU after A/D conversion,then will output to PC by RS232 module. Please refer to following picture.


Multi-load cells should connect junction box then connect to ATC-108A.



Item\ Parameter C2 C3 Unit
Rated load (Emax): 20kg~470t kg,t,klb
Maximal numbers of load cell verification Intervals (Nlc): 2000 3000 d
Minimum load cell verification intervals Intervals ( Vmin): 0.02 0.01 % of rated load
Sensitivity(Cn ): 30,000 o r 100,000 mV/V
Combined error: 0.027 0.015 -% of rated output
Temperature effect on sensitivity(Tkc): 0.0024 0.0012 =% of rated output/
Temperature effect on zero balance(Tk0): 0.002 0.0008 -% of rated output
Res olution of A/D (fo r tes t lo ad): 24 (at 1 Hz)1.0 Bit
Res olution of A/D (fo r tes t temperature ): 8 (at 1 Hz) Bit
Measu ring rate: 50/25 /Sec
Baudrate: 9600/19200 Bps
Filter mode 1: 3~0.05(Low pass filter) HZ
Filter mode 0: 8~3(Low pas s filter) HZ
Zero b alance: 1.0 +% of rated output
Ins ulation res istance: ≥5000 MΩ (Mega-Ohms)
Safe overload: 150 % of rated capability
Ultimate o verload: 300 % of rated capability
Operating tem peratu re range: -20~+70/-20~+160 ℃/ °F
Rec ommend excitation: 7~ 12 V(Only DC)
Maxim um exc itation: 15 V(Only DC)
Material of ela sto mer: A lloy ste el / Stainless stee l
Pro tec tion cla ss: IP67/IP 68
Citation: OIM L R60 / GB7551-1997

The d ata for dev iation of synthes is err or,TKo,TKc are t ypicl value s.The sum of the se da ta me ets th e req uire-
ments according to OI ML R 60.Th e data will rest with th e ana log load ce lls.



The A TC-108A is equ ipped with stand ard R S-23 2 output in terface,it c an communicate with commpute r or
conne ct to indicator.
Serial communication baud rate :9600 bps,1 bit start b it,8 b it data bit, 1 bit stop bit, no parity bit( use
byte verify and mode verify ).

STX n D X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 B CC CR
02H 31H 4 4H 32H 3CH 35H 32 H 30H 38H 3 2H 0DH