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Pressure Transducer Sensor

The Sensors Reference Center, from Machine Design, is designed to provide design engineers with the information they need to specify or purchase Sensors including any Pressure Sensor, Pressure Transducer, Proximity Sensor, Flow Sensors, Pressure Sensors, temperature sensors, speed sensors, Pressure Transducers and other input/output devices. The Sensors 101 section includes reference information about the various types of controllers and sensors, which include any pressure sensor, pressure transducer, proximity sensor or flow sensors. This valuable information will help in the selection process and allow you to determine the requirements used for typical mechanical engineering applications. Sensor Articles, which come directly from the pages of Machine Design magazine, will point you to recent application and product articles related to any pressure sensor, pressure transducer, proximity sensor or flow sensors. Position and velocity sensors are common in industrial and automotive applications. Position sensors span a broad spectrum, and virtually all closed-loop motion-control systems use one. Velocity sensors or tachometers also are widely used. Other sensors such as a pressure sensor, pressure transducer or proximity sensor can be used to measure pressure, temperature, and acceleration.

The Digital Pressure Transducer is a high accuracy pressure measurement component that uses either RS-232 or RS-485 to communicate with a host computer over long distances. Any MS-DOS compatible PC with an available serial output port can serve as the host controller.


The Transducer is characterized over the full pressure and temperature range to achieve 0.020% FS accuracy with 0.006% FS precision. This accuracy specification includes linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and temperature errors.

Also featured is an output which is updated at a rate of 50 readings per second. System designers will appreciate the flexibility offered by having highly accurate pressure transducers that are not tied to a front panel and which may be located remotely.

For remote operation the transducer equipped with RS-485 can be located up to 4,000 feet from the host. A simple cable can accommodate both the power and the two-way communications requirements.


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