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Portable Wheel Scale

Portable axle load weighing system is the product developed and manufactured by our own company. It can be applied to dynamic/static weighing of all kinds of vehicles. This meter, with the characteristics of high-precision, widely use, easy operation, direct display, small size and light, makes up for the weakness of the fixed axle load meter.

With the RF data transmission mode, this product can achieve the wireless communication between the weighing platform and the meter, moreover, the strongly anti-interfere ability allows it to be used in different condition.

In the bottom of the platform, there’re several fully-sealed alloy steel load cells embedded, grading to IP66, and the specialized rubber or nylon fiber can be lengthened according to the actual weighing requirements so that the dynamic and static weighing will achieve better effect.

Two kinds of weighing maters available: dedicated touch screen meter and conventional notebook interface. Customers can choose according to their requirements and preference.

The platform size and the meter can be designed based on different occasions. Usually, two platforms can be connected to one meter to do the dynamic/static weighing, and also multiple platforms to do static weighing.



1. Multiple load cells are inside weigh pad, an integrated and ultra-slim structure, easy for move, with light weight less than 20kg.
2. With special protection treatment, suitable for harsh environment.
3. Patented designed slope can lower force impact from vehicle wheels.

1. Weighing and load control of loading truck in road transportation, construction, agriculture, forestry, and dustbin disposal.
2. Weighing of loading truck by executive enforcement units.
3. Test weight and center of gravity of aero-plane.
4. Weighing automobile wheel and axle load distribution in automobile production line.
5. Stability test of special automobile, such as fork-lift truck, crane.


We are one of the Chinese designer and manufacturer of load cell ( suspensory type, bridge type, column type), pressure sensor and high-temperature level pressure sensors& pressure transducers, and other electronic weighting system, axle weighing system, vehicle weighing system in China. With high quality lowest price and good sale-after service, our goods have gained a large market in all of the world.

  • Wireless weighing pad
    Features:Light in weight, and convenient transportation. Integral flat plate construction, high frequency in dynamic response,and high precision. Applied special treatment, offering high protection class that are suitable for all kinds of environments. Adopted special material in aero-industry, with good anti-over loading ability. Assembled with rubber handles, avoided destroying of the handles. Easy for loading on/off of the vehicles.
  • Wireless crane scale

    Wireless electronic crane scale is a good measuring instrument of weighing suspended goods. Weighing data is transmitted by means of wireless. Scale is segregated from display indicator.

    Wireless crane scale quipped with wireless indicator, printing function. can be operated via indicator and remote controller

  • Platform scale

    Platform scales are manufactured from mild steel. Platforms are supplied complete with the GK Scale indicator in plastic housing

    platform scale is used to weigh in industry mine ,station,warehouse, shopping,market,production line easy to learn and use.

    An industrial weighing instrument consisting of a platform coupled to an automatic system of levers and adjustable weights, used to weigh large or heavy objects.

  • Crane scale
    Crane scale is a high-precision scale applicated in industries such as metallurgy, construction, warehouses and so on. We specialize in selling, renting and servicing crane scales. These heavy-duty below hook scales are typically used for accurate weight determination and are a vital part of shipping and production operations. such as low headroom systems, wireless displays and data collection. Contact us for more information.
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