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SPS-V8A Self-contained platform scale

Model: SPS-V8A


General Designed for surface mounting. Low height platform with no projection above platform level.

Fabricated mild steel construction. Optional stainless steel construction available.

Slip resistant platform.

Four beam type, Benui electric precision load cells.

Stainless steel load cells offered as an option.

Bridge approach offered as an option.

The color of platformoffered as an option.

Details Description

The load cells are terminated in a junctionbox where they are matched. The 5m cable to the indicator provides a single load cell input. Longer cable is avaiable as an option.

Termination is either standard D-type connector,waterproof connecter (IP67) or unterminated to suit indicator specified.

Approved to OIML R76. The number of approved divisions is dependent on the load cell used.

Feet with stainless steel ball freemotion and screw height adjustment to allow high accuracy on uneven floors.



Capacities & Strengths (See charts overleaf ) The number and weight value of the digital increments and measures
regulations if stamping is required.

Note: When used with instrinsically safe indicators, please refer to the indicator specification sheet for minimum increment value.

Note: Not more than 55% of the maximum strongth can be carried on one half the platform or any line across the platform.


Alloy steel or Stainless Steel platform with SQC-MA load cells


Platform Size 2500kg 5000kg 10000kg
1m 1m  
1.2m 1.2m  
1.2m 1.5m  
1.5m 1.5m  
1.5m 2m  
1.5m 3m
2m 2m
3m 7m
Load cell 750kg 1500kg 3000kg
Capacities 600/800kg*0.2kg
Options at extra cost 1200kg*0.2kg 3000kg*0.5kg 6000kg*1kg


Precision degree : OIML III

Operation condition
▲work temperature :weighing display control: -10~ +40 c

▲ laod cell : -20~ +60 c

▲ relative humidity : < 95%

▲ electric source: voltage 220v AC ( -15%~+10% );frequency 50HZ

▲safe overloading: 130%


Annotate: upwards are the specification and type of part products. It can be designed, According to the customers requirements.