Movable truck scale
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Movable truck scale


Movable Truck Scale can be able to move to the appointed position rapidly. It is very Convenient for move and no need foundation.


Movable truck scale specification:
1.Use in weighing need to change weighing place occasionally

2.No foundation required,the scale with two ramps and four movable wheel,it is easy to move and convenience for weighing.

3.The weighing capacity is is equal or lesser than 50Tons,and the platform size is is equal or lesser than 9 meter.

4.Weighing accuracy class is III.


Other Descriptions:

1.Required to smooth concrete floor, generally not less than 200mm thick concrete floor.

2.Particularly suitable for grain depot, fruit farms to use in the occasion of seasonal

3.Should pay attention to the relative positions of scale body and ramps, movable wheels to ensure that they do not happen to touch.