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Miniature Load Cell

Miniature Load Cell and Sub Miniature Load Cell series provide diverse solutions for Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, and Manufacturing industries. These products offer solutions for applications in both Tension and Compression. Even with the miniature design an impressive capacity range of 10 gram up to 20,000 lbs is available. In addition to our Miniature Load Cell products, FUTEK also provides Miniature Pressure, Torque and Force Sensors.


Some force measurement applications need load cells that can fit into tiny spaces. Some examples of this include - measuring pressure exerted by a person's finger on a mobile media device such as the iPhone or iPad, a medical device that needs to measure the pressure applied by a syringe pump on the piston or the force exerted by surgical cutting tool as the surgeon applies force on a blade. For such applications, Loadstar sensors offers an unmatched range of miniature load cells and subminiature load cells.

Miniature Load Cell
iLoad Mini - Miniature Load Cells with Analog and/or Digital Readouts

These load cells are only 1.25" in diameter and as little as approximately 0.3" high. The DQ-1000 is a singel channel interface device that works with one iLoad Mini load cell. The DQ-4000 allows one to hook up to four iLoad Mini load cells and read individual and total from all connected load cells. These load cells can output data in ASCII format via a virtual COM port at up to 150 Hz and can go as high as 500 hz with a high-speed upgrade.