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Low Profile Load Cells

This section illustrates our range of low profile load cells and force sensors designed to be used where height is at a premium.

If one of our standard low profile load cells is still too high we can customise the down to as low as 5mm using a variation on the CCG annular load cell design.

Low profile load cell styles include annular, donut, ring, button and pancake.

All of our low profile load cells can be supplied with analogue or digital instrumentation including amplifiers/signal conditioners, digitizers, displays and indicators.


CBES Low Profile Button Load Cell 0-50kg to 0-30,000kg
CCG Annular / Donut Load Cell 0-12.5kN to 0-540kN
CDF Miniature Button Load Cell 0-250N to 0-20kN
DSCRC Low Profile Load Cell 0-200N to 0-2kN
DSCC Low Profile Load Cell 0-5kN to 0-1000kN