Load Cell and Weighing Scale
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DS-1 indicator for digital load cells

Model: DS-1


Digital load cell connection RS422/RS485
Load cell connection distance 1000M
Load cell Excitation Dc 12V
Max.load cell connection 16
Display 7 bits VFD, 7 status indication
Standard interface RS232C serial communication
Scoreboard at 20mA current loop
Parallel printer
Transmission distance RS232C
Details Description


-Connect with digital load cell
-Auto/manual angel correction
-Railway scale correction
-Use inner code to replace weight observing and analysis tolerance
-Zero range setup (auto/manual)
-Non-linearity and calibration tolerance correction
-Password management and timing power off function
-Auto/manual,condition/non-condition,daily/sorted report print setup
-Fast filled weighing bill print setup
-Save 1500 vehicle ID/net weight,201 cargo ID/cargo name,100 customer ID/customer name, 100 notes and 1501 weighing records
-Weighing data save protexction in case of power off
-Input character with keyboard or download from PC
-Modify communiction address of digital load cellData check for single load cell and single angle