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BWI-31 Wireless handheld indicator

Model: BWI-31


Worldwide licence exempt: 2.4GHz operat-
ing frequency

Range Min: not less than100m

Battery working life: Active not less than 36
hours (full charge and turn off bcaklight)

Display: LCD 128*64 with backlighting show weight value: 6 bit show working life of battery show strong of signal
Hold on the peak value Can contact with computer by RS232

Details Description

Work Principle

First,the load cell's out-put signal is digital, Digital compensation and temperature compensation will be finished in internal. Though 2.4G wireless module to launch after reasonable encoding.

BWI-31 Wireless handheld indicator

Handheld receive load cell out-put and its internal battery po wer consum ption valu es then sh ow the m o n the LCD display, and handheld through the RS232 ou tpu t to a computer or larges-creen display. If necessary, Mu lti-channel working can be changed, One handheld can be connected to up to16 sensors.


((In mm. 1 mm = 0.0 393 7 inches)

BWI-31 Wireless handheld indicatorBWI-31 Wireless handheld indicatorBWI-31 Wireless handheld indicator