High temperature load cell
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High temperature load cell


1, high temperature load cell, convenient to install and maintenance.

2, high comprehensive precision

3,high temperature load cell with good price

4, good bility of resisting tilting force and impulsive force.

5, sealed welding technique.

7, good long -term stabilty.

8, high-quality aloy steel , stainless steel shell.


Technology and technics
* Use imported strain gauge whose operating temperature range is -196°C~+250°C
* Use imported glues and protection membrane whose operating temperature range is -196°C~+250°C
* Use the soldering tin whose melting point temperature range is -305°C~+365°C
* Use 250°C high-temperature down-leads and connecting terminal.
* Use high-temperature resistant cables and connectors.
* Use the special technics of gluing the strain gauge and solidify.
* The high-temperature load cell has a sign "-H" in thel models.

Model: QS-H
Accuracy: C2 OIML R60
Model: BTY-H
Accuracy: C2 OIML R60
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