Load Cell and Weighing Scale
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OCS-DXH crane scale

Model: OCS-DXH

ⅠThe safety guides

Please  before  using  your  Crane  scale,  it  is  careful  to  read  the  following
*Strictly forbid the usage while overloading.
*Long  crane  weight,  will  lower  the  accuracy  of  crane  scale  and  shorten  the
usage life.
*Before using, please check the battery voltage.
*Must often check the safety between hook, ring and conjunction parts.
*Long time do not use, also should periodically maintain the battery.
*Do not try the one open and fix the crane scale.
*Need to be used the specialized power adapter.

Details Description

ⅡProduct characteristics

Model Display Characteristics
OCS-XZ 30 ㎜(1.2”)LED The applicability is extensive
OCS-XZC 30 ㎜(1.2”)LCD
OCS-M 30 ㎜(1.2”)LCD The  Convenience  and  small
OCS-LM 30 ㎜(1.2”)LCD
OCS-DXH 30 ㎜(1.2”)LCD For steel industry


*HOLD function
*Gross/Net weight display convertible.
*Kg/lb convertible.
*Weight accumulation function
*Auto shut function
*Remote control calibration
*Easy to replace battery
*Remote distance: min.10m.


Ⅲ Main technique function

Accurate a grade OIML Ⅲ
Display 30mm(1.2”)  LED or LCD
The scope of TARE 100%F.S.
Display stability time <10S
Overload the warning value Max Cap.+9e
The safety loads 125%F.S.
The extreme limit loads 400%F.S.
Continuous usage time ≥80 hours
Battery(OCS-A/L/H) 6V/10Ah
Battery(OCS-M/LM) 6V/5Ah
Power adapter AC220V/DC9V1.5A
Usage temperature scope -10℃~+40℃
Usage humidity scope 20℃,≤90%RH

The steel water to scale min safe distance

Steel water temperature Safe distance
1000℃ 1200mm
1200℃ 1500mm
1400℃ 1800mm
1600℃ 2000mm


Ⅳ Basic parameter

Max Cap (kg/lb) Min Cap(kg/lb) Division(kg/lb) Number(n)
100/220 1/2 0.05/0.1 2000
200/500 2/4 0.1/0.2 2000
300/700 2/4 0.1/0.2 3000
500/1100 4/10 02/0.5 2500
1000/2200 10/20 0.5/1 2000
2000/4500 20/40 1/2 2000
3000/7000 20/40 1/2 3000
5000/1100 40/100 2/5 2500
10000/22000 100/200 5/10 2000
15000/35000 100/200 5/10 3000
20000/45000 100/400 10/20 2000


Ⅴ The main size and net weight


Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) N.W.(kg)
OCS-05-A/L 420 65 35 12
OCS-1-A/L 420 65 35 12
OCS-2-A/L 420 65 35 12
OCS-3-A/L 600 80 45 14
OCS-5-A/L 730 100 55 24
OCS-10-A/L 850 120 70 44
OCS-15-A/L 900 140 70 60
OCS-20-A/L 900 140 70 60


Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) N.W.(kg)
OCS-01-M/LM 360 80 20 4.0
OCS-02-M/LM 360 80 20 4.0
OCS-03-M/LM 360 80 20 4.0
OCS-05-M/LM 380 85 25 4.5
OCS-1-M/LM 380 85 25 4.5


Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) N.W.(kg)
OCS-1-H 600 80 45 18
OCS-2-H 600 80 45 18
OCS-3-H 730 100 55 28
OCS-5-H 850 120 70 48
OCS-10-H 850 130 70 64
OCS-15-H 900 140 70 68


Ⅵ Operation method

*Turn on Press【OFF/ON】,display the battery voltage〖U 6.**〗. Display 〖00000〗~〖99999〗-〖0〗kg, to this , can hang the weight.
*Creation zero method

  Operation Display Hint: After open, general
1 Press【TARE】 〖0〗
2 Press【→0←】 〖0〗

Dedut the tare method

Operation Display Hint:Afterhanginguptare,press【TARE】,display〖0〗,
Then hanging the weight, display net
Press【TARE】 〖0〗


*Check battery

Press【OFF】,display 〖U6.**〗

Hint: General, battery should at〖U 6.**〗above.
*Refresh the method
1. Off, the charger line inserts the rear of CRAE SCALE socket inside, the light
on the rear is green, refreshing the beginning, being light change is red,
refresh the be over.
2. Can unload the battery set to refresh alone.
Hint: refresh time generally longer than 8 hours, long hours refresh to can’t
have no damage to the battery.

*The warning of low voltage in battery
When battery voltage lower than〖U 5.80〗,the display appears flicker, but can
still work, after lowest voltage, can ’ t display, Please refresh.

*Overload the warning
When the weight(tare + net weight)exceeds the Max Cap, display〖OVER〗, keep
the instauration normal. For the sake of usage that guarantees the Crane
scale the safety, prohibition exceed to load the work.

*Save the energy function
Static over 15 minutes after, display 〖 - 〗, be the weight after changing,
instauration display actual weight.

*The method of off

Static15minutes,display〖 -〗,static60minutes,off.


Ⅶ Electric principle diagram


Ⅷ Sign elucidation

Display Hint
〖SCALE〗 Input adjusts
〖OuEr〗 Overload the warning
〖AdErr〗 Load cell damage
〖CALSP〗 Enter the adjustment
〖-----〗 Adjusts
〖CLr〗 Clearance
〖SHIFt〗 Conversion
〖 U6.** 〗 Battery voltage
〖End〗 End
〖OFF〗 Close


Ⅸ Maintain simply

Phenomenon Reason Solution
Do not display Battery set is bad
Battery buttons up loose
Check battery set
Tight afresh
The display gleams The voltage is low Off to Refresh
Can’t off/on 【OFF/ON】key damage Replace the key
Can’t deduct tare 【TARE】key damage Replace the key
The  battery  light  is  not
Power adapter damage
The  power  adapter  did  not  put good
Check power adapter
Check electric outlet
The display is unsteady The loads is unsteady
Load cell exceeds to load

Damp influence in scale
The stability loads
Replace the load cell
Deposit in the dry environment
Empty  scale  the  display is not a “0” After open, use immediately
Scale long time on the ground
Open, still3~5minutes
Hang to deposit
The weight error is big Hang the method wrong The hook must can swing
The battery voltage can’t
go up
The battery is bad
The electric outlet is bad
Replace the battery
Replace the electric outlet
Remote distance id short Receive window too dirty
The remote control battery is bad
Make sweep
Replace the battery

Ⅹ Hint

The battery is bad
The electric outlet is bad
Receive window too dirty
The remote control battery is bad

Replace the battery
Replace the electric outlet
Make sweep
Replace the battery

1. Must use the right usage with maintain the method?
2. If hang the weight changes direction, can’t push directly the Crane scale to revolve.
3. When the outdoors, if meet the thunder and lightning and rain etc. circumstance, must
pause usage.
4. Check each part if crane scale before using, in good condition.
5. When the display battery voltage is low, and the light is red, should check the battery
whether damage, please replace the same specification battery.
6. When do not use, please hang to deposit.


    Remote control usage elucidation

*【    0      】

Press【→0←】 Make empty scale display〖0〗kg



1.  Deduct the tare directly Press

Press【TARE】 ‘TARE’light show, display net weight
Press【TARE】 ‘TARE’light not show, display Gross weight


2.  Input the tare in advance:

Operation Display Elucidation
Press【MR】 〖SHIFT〗 Conversion
Press【TARE】 〖00000〗 Hint input tare
Press【TARE】【→0←】 〖*****〗 Input tare
Press【MR】 〖  -***〗 Tare, display net weight
Press【→0←】 〖0〗 Clearance tare


1.  at’ STEADY’ the light is show after, press【M+】, the automatic memory in
number of now combines this time total amount in display value, 3s return
2.  Search

Operation Display Elucidation
Press【MR】 〖SHIFT〗 Conversion
Press【M+】 〖no.***〗 Aggregate number of times
Press【TARE】 〖H****〗 4:total weight front
Press【TARE】 〖L****〗 4:total weight behind
Press【TARE】 〖  no.1 〗 Weigh the number finally
Press【TARE】 〖  *****〗 The weight that is finally
Press【TARE】 〖  no.2 〗 It is previous to weigh the number
Press【TARE】 〖  *****〗 Previous single weight
Press【TARE】 〖End〗 End search, return

Hint: 1. The total weight =   〖H****〗〖L****〗kg.
2.    Press【ZERO】can search backward, press【MR】can end search.
3.    Cutting the electricity can keep automatically, at proceeding the total
amount  front,  must  press 【CLr】  first,  clearance  originally  number,
prevent the total amount mistake.
4.    Complete once total amount after, must wait until the display〖  0〗, then
can precede the another time operation, will can’t continue otherwise.



Press【HOLD】 The weight hold, ‘HOLD’light is show
Press【HOLD】 The weight does not Hold.



Press【CLEAR】 Display〖CLr〗
Press【MR】 Enter.
Press【CLEAR】 Do not want the clearance, return.


*Battery voltage

Press【MR】 Display〖SHIFT〗
Press【F1】 Display battery voltage   〖U*.**〗
Press【MR】 Enter.


*kg/lb(Special indent)

Press【MR】【HOLD】 Display New unit(lb)
Press【MR】【HOLD】 Display Originally unit(kg)


Press【OFF】 Loosen after display【OFF】

1.  Can’t knock remote control.
2.  If discovers control distance shortening(<6m), please replace the battery.
3.  If at crane scale to receive the window way up dirty, will affect to receive the