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4 wires cable and 6 wires cable


wire cable 4 and 6 wire cable ;
Length :20m or 100m;
Low capacity ,high capacitive symmetry;
In according to Benui colour code.
Details Description

Technical Data

Type PRVP 4*97/0.2 PRVP 6*7/0.2
Number of wires 4 6
Wire colou rs(a ccording to Ben ui c olour code) Red ,blake,green ,white Red ,brown, green,blue, blake,white
Outer diameter 5.2mm±0.2 6.3mm±0.3
Coatin g m aterial PRVP
Wire cross section mm 0.2
Wire resistance Ωmm ≤0.9
Wire resistance PF/m ≤80
Screen 1
Tempe ratu re range -30+85[-22+185]